• Most of the clubs at East Middle are performance classes which meet during Knightime, the 45 minute period during 3rd Block.  
    Battle of the Books - Lauren Roberts
    This state-wide competition at the middle school leve is held annually in the spring. Throughout the year studetns prepare for the competition by reading from the state list of specific titles. 
    Musical Theater - Amber Wansley
    Students interested in performance take this class and perform during the year.   
    Helping Friends - Charlotte Dison
    These caring and enthusiastic students are peer helpers in the TMD and Autistic classes.
    Robotics - Tori Goldrick
    Students learn about science and technology and compete with other district teams in the spring.   This is a Knightime class. 
    Knights of the Round Table -
    This group is our student leadership team. Knights of the Round Table helps with a variety of projects around the school. They also help with our community speakers on Community Speaker Day.
    Yearbook - Sherry Chapman
    This class puts together Excalibur, the East Middle yearbook. 
Last Modified on November 19, 2018