• South Iredell Virtual High School
    What is an Online Course?
    Just like a face to face classroom, it's about the teacher and students.  Online courses are supervised by an instructor who is certified in the area being taught and who actively participates in the student's learning.  It is facilitated by an on-site facilitator and driven by student participation with a wide range of activities that encourage students to learn and explore on their own.
    All courses are state approved and will be applied as earned credits once all course requirements are completed.
    All courses require exams that are provided by the online instructor and are required to be proctored by the site facilitator.
    Who can take Online Courses?
    Students who are self starters with a strong sense of direction and ability to set goals and follow through, work independently, stay on task, and keep up with readings, assignments, homework, and other requirements.  Students must have good attendance and grades and meet any pre-requisites for the courses before being registered.
    Why take an Online Couse?
    • Accelerated courses
    • Greater course selection
    • Additional credits
    • Scheduling conflicts
    What do students need for Online Courses?
    • Experience using a web browser and connecting to the Internet
    • Familiarity with email and discussion boards
    • Understand how to save and retrieve files
    • Ability to conduct online research
    • Knowledge of word processing software
    • A working email address
    What is the cost of an Online Course?
    VHS courses are free to students.
    Who do I need to contact to register for an Online Course?
    Interested students should contact your SIHS guidance counselor.
    What courses are offered in the virtual high school?
    Visit the state VHS site to review current course offerings and opportunities.
Last Modified on May 20, 2008