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    Sandy McAuley
    Email: smcauley@iss.k12.nc.us  Cell#980-434-6284

    Welcome to Math with Mrs. McAuley. At the end of the semester, you will have a North Carolina End of Course exam (Math 1) or an North Carolina Final Exam (Math 2, 3, AFM or PreCal) that counts for 20% of your grade.
    Classroom Supplies -
    These are the supplies you will need for math class :
      • Graphing calculator. I recommend a Texas Instruments brand TI84 graphing calculator. Students NEED a calculator to practice - if you watch Staples or Walmart, you can find them on sale close to the start of school.
      • Notebook paper and binder 
      • Pencils - homework MUST be done in pencil
      • OPTIONAL: Colored pencils and highlighters
    If you can send these supplies for classroom use, that would be great: 
    • tissues
    • expo markers --we are writing on white boards (and desks) all the time 

    **Please find specific course information in canvas!

    About Me

    I have lived in Iredell County most of my life - I am originally from Illinois but we moved here when I was 13. I have two biological children...not really children anymore since they are 23 and 21, but they will always be my 'children'.  I also have numerous former students that call me Mom - some may burst into my room at any time to find a granola bar!
    I have a Bachelor's Degree in Middle Grades Education with a concentration in Mathematics. I am certified to teach Mathematics grades 6-12 and Social Studies grades 6-9 (although I will leave that task to Mr. Beecham and Mr. Williams.)
    I was a District Finalist for Teacher of the Year in Forsyth County in 2005.
    I am the current Teacher of the Year for Crossroads
    This...is a normal look from me - don't expect this hair color, though because it changes often. 
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