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    Mrs. Hannah Lee
    Email: hannahlee@iss.k12.nc.us

    Salvete, omnes!
    aerial view of Rome
    My Classroom Mission

    The purpose for learning Latin is to equip oneself with the knowledge of Latin vocabulary, grammar, and culture in order to enhance one's English vocabulary, to have a better understanding of English grammar, to learn how to read works of literature in the original language, and to realize the effects of Roman history and culture in our own world.
    About Me
    After I graduated from high school, I looked forward to attending UNC-G to continue my education.  There were so many interesting classes and so little room in my schedule!  I graduated with a double major in Latin Language and Greek Civilization; and minor in History and a minor in Biology.  Did I mention that I love school?  Someday I hope to pursue a Master's in Latin.  In the meanwhile, I teach high school Latin and spend time with my family.  
    Link to Latin class resources
    All Latin students have been issued usernames and passwords to access online resources and web books.  These are found at www.cambridgescp.com and will be available until after the final exams.