• Welcome to my Classroom

    Allison Lowrance
    Yearbook Adviser
    English II
    My Classroom Mission
    In addition to producing the most awesome yearbook NIHS has ever seen and covering the English II goals set by the NCDPI (which we will most certainly master!), my mission is to create an environment where every individual experiences these ABC's:
    ACCEPTANCE:  I accept ALL students for exactly who they are- no judgements.
    BELONGINGI wish for ALL students to feel as if they belong to and are vital members of a class/family where ALL learn from/with one another every day.
    COMPETENCE:  I believe that ALL students are competent enough to take responsibility for their learning in terms of effort, attention, actions, behaviors, goal setting, and striving.
    About Me
    *My name is Allison Whitley Lowrance.
    *I was born and raised in Albemarle, NC
    *I attended Wingate University where I earned my BA degree in
    English and Education (and met my hubby:).
    *I have been teaching in Iredell County for 12 years total.
    *I have two sweet sons!
    *My favorites:
       Food- pizza
       Vacation Spot- the beach
       Type of Music- honestly...I appreciate all music where true and
                              individualized talent is exhibited
       TV Show- Parks and Recreation
       Favorite Sport- basketball (Go Heels!!)
       Books- #1always...The Bible, all four in The Twilight Saga, Anne Rice's Christ the Lord books, To Kill a Mockingbird, Water for Elephants, Hunger Games Trilogy, and many many more!
       MovieStand By Me (for now)
       Hobbies- reading, playing/creating with my kiddos, all sorts of arts and crafts, listening to music, watching my boys play sports
       Quote/Thought Worth Passing Along- at the moment, "Character is who you are when no one is looking..." Unknown  (a pretty heavy thought...)

    My family!!