East Iredell Middle School Profile


Our Vision: 

Honor. Pride. Victory.
Accept the Quest!

Our Mission: 
We, the staff of East Iredell Middle School, are committed to providing a high quality education in a safe, positive environment
so our students will become life long learners and leaders in a digital, global society.

Why should your child attend East Iredell Middle School?
Care. Our staff not only wants each child to be successful, our staff genuinely cares about the children that walk through our doors.  We understand that children are much more than a test score.  The middle years can be a very tough time in the life of a young adult mentally, physically, and emotionally. Our staff recognizes these obstacles that can stand in the way for children to be successful and we work with students and parents to overcome these challenges.
Commitment. Our staff is committed to growth and excellence.  Every child is unique and comes to us with strengths and weaknesses.  We have many specialty programs at East Middle.  We offer the county's only Middle School Spanish Dual Immersion program.  We also offer very many choice options for advanced classes.  Our 8th graders can earn high school credit by taking Integrated Math I.  We also offer Pre-AP English to our 8th graders.  7th and 8th grade students can take Advanced Language Arts, Advanced Mathematics, Honors Social Studies, and Honors Science.  Since the 6th grade is such a year of change, we offer those students two advanced classes- language arts and mathematics. For students with diabilities, we offer the full range of Exceptional Children's Services. For the students that just need a little extra help from time to time, we have tutoring built into the day in reading and math.  
Community.  We are dedicated to our community.  Our parents are active partners in the education of our students.  We communicate with parents via Connect Ed, Facebook, Twitter, Remind 101, email, home visits...whatever it takes!  We also want our students to understand that they are part of a larger community. Our lessons are taught with a global perspective to teach students to appreciate the United States and to understand current events and the struggles of their fellow citizens around the world.  Our students are active in many community service projects throughout the year.   

Demographics:  East Middle is a diverse learning community with an enrollment of approximately 500 students. We serve grades 6 through 8.
Program Offerings:  East Middle offers a standard core curriculum and an exploratory program delivered through flexible block scheduling.  Students have six 60 minute classes.  All students take 4 core academic classes, Wheel, and Knight Time. Every student is also assigned to a 20 minute Advisory Period.
What is Wheel? Exploratory or "Wheel" courses include band, chorus, art, STEM, career development, Spanish, French, health, and physical education. Every child has PE/health every other day.  Band and Chorus students have band or chorus, paired with PE/health all year.  Students not taking a music course may choose 2 semester long classes to pair with PE/health.  We also work with all students to take foreign language as a third Wheel option.  
What is Knight Time? A 60 minute block of time is scheduled daily to provide expanded opportunities tailored to individual student needs.  Students performing at grade level are provided with enrichment opportunities such as yearbook, Robotics, Battle of the Books, Musical Theatre, Knights News Network, etc.  Students performing below proficiency in reading and/or math are given additional time for re-teaching and reviewing essential objectives in their area or areas of need.  
Clubs:  New for 2016-2017! All students will be able to sign up for a club.  Clubs meet twice per month.  Every Club will take on at least one community service project during the year.  Students will sign up for the club of their choice.
Advisory Period:  New for 2016-2017! Students will meet with their staff advisor everyday for 20 minutes.  Advisory groups will work on character education, talk about their day, and review their goals. These groups will remain together for the three years they are at East Middle.  
Live the 
Keep focused and positive 
Never let fear, doubt, or other obstacles stand in your way 
Invest in your future 
Gain knowledge from your mistakes 
Honor Expectations 
Take pride in yourself and your work 

Last Modified on October 24, 2016