•     Hola, and welcome to my web page.  I hope you will find this useful when you are checking out what is being covered in my classes.  Also, there is a large page of notes under the listing "Notes page" that covers the very basics for Levels 1 to 3.  If students have questions about what we are covering, you can direct them there.
       I also have Smart Lunch tutorials on Tuesdays (B) and Fridays (A) and all morning from 7 am to 8:15 I am available for tutoring, except when I have duty.
       I am an original member of the LNHS faculty.  I helped open the school back in 2002, and have never left.  I have been with Iredell/Statesville Schools since 1987.  I attended Queens University in Charlotte and UNC Chapel Hill.  
        I grew up in Smyrna, GA, right outside of Atlanta.  Julia Roberts has the distinct honor of attending the same high school I did, Campbell High.  I am a Braves and Falcons fan, and due to my attendance at UNC, a die hard, blue bleeding Tarheel.  I have 5 cats, and I also have a part time job as a Certified Pharmacy Technician for a local pharmacy.  I enjoy reading, cooking, knitting, embroidery, and photography, as well as teaching.
       I have made 2 trips to Spain and 1 to Mexico, and can truly say that the culture is wonderful.  I hope to share my love of the Hispanic culture with my students!  hwilliams@iss.k12.nc.us
Last Modified on November 3, 2016