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    Brenda Esselman
    Email:  besselman@iss.k12.nc.us

    Dear Chemistry Parents;
         As instructor for your child's chemistry class I would like to introduce myself.  I graduated from UNC-Wilimington with a degree in chemistry.  I worked 5 years as a chemist in the industry.   This will be year fifteen teaching chemistry.  My family of six children have lived in Mooresville since 1985.  When my oldest child was a senior at Mooresville High I had a child in alternating grades all the way down to first grade.  For my husband and myself it was a grand time.
         I enjoy my job as a teacher.  I enjoy the subject area of my instruction.  I enjoy being part of Lake Norman High.  It is a wonderful school.  I enjoy teenagers... especially when they are kind and courteous.  I know everything I do teaches.  I know everyday I model for your child what a successful person needs to be doing to reach certain goals in life. I am a top 1% teacher in NC.  My lowest EVASS score ever achieved was 6.2.   I know my job is critical in your child's life.  I promise I will do my best.
         Chemistry is tough and the standards are high.  I am confident my students are successful at freshman college chemistry. In chemistry the mental analytical skills learned will spill over to other subject areas.   It is an applied science and requires memory, imagination and reasoning.
           You should see your child doing something with chemistry at least  4 times a week.  Weekends are family time in my opinion, however your child may need the weekend to study.  I tell the students they are mine Monday thru Thursday and they better be "studying".  Their highest priority now is a good education.  School is their job!
    Please have your stuent show you the resources of "Canvas" and "Texas Quest Homework".
             My school E-mail is the best way to contact me.     
    Sincerely, Mrs. Brenda Esselman
Last Modified on March 5, 2019