• Nala and I(my self-portrait with Nala, my furry companion, 2003-2017-RIP Nala.)
    As a teacher, I plan to provide guidance and skills necessary to navigate the coursework of the English IV and AP Lit and Comp curriculum. I also hope to instill in my students a sense of responsibility for their own learning process.
    About Me

    I believe that the desire to teach comes from within. Teaching is truly a combination of art and science. As teachers, we must possess the art of designing creative approaches to lessons that motivate students to learn. We must possess the art of maintaining students' attention from the beginning of a lesson until the end and the ability to regain their attention should it falter. Teaching is also scientific. We must know and understand our curriculum and discipline. We must practice the psychology behind classroom management. We must also have the will and determination to change minds, open eyes, and encourage learning. We need to challenge students to set and meet new goals and accept responsibility for their own learning. Teachers must be willing to accept and embrace change and try different instructional strategies.

    Undergraduate Degree- Wake Forest University
    M.Ed.- UNC Charlotte
    NC Teaching License
    AIG Certification- UNC Charlotte
    AP Certification- AP Institute
    Teacher Office Hours
    •  Students may meet with the teacher during tutorial B on Mondays and A on Wednesdays.
    • Parents, feel free to contact me via email, or via phone during 4th period (2-3PM) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Conference dates and times will be scheduled as needed. Thanks!

    2018 Summer Reading

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