• Welcome to my Classroom

    Mrs. Robertson
    Email: amy_robertson@iss.k12.nc.us
    Tutorial Schedule: I am open on Mondays Tutorial B for quiz/test makeups and Thursdays during A tutorial for individual student questions. 
    Grading Scale:   
       Tests   20%
       Quizzes 30%
       Quia and Quizlet online activities 15%
       3 ring binder, dividers, and dry erase marker for class 5%
       Notes written down 15%
       Classwork 15%

    Grades will be posted in PowerSchool on a daily basis. Friday assessments will be posted by the following Thursday. 

                   Quia Linkhttp://www.quia.com/profiles/magistrarobertson
    Savete Omnes! 
    Please click on the above hyperlink to get to my Quia homepage. On this page you will fine a class webpages and a materials page for Latin I, Latin II, and Latin III. 
      All assignments that students can do at home came be downloaded and printed off from their class webpage on Quia. You can also find materials for each level of Latin listed by the class webpages under Latin I Materials, Latin II Materials, Latin III Materials, Latin IV materials. All Quia exercises for grammar and vocabulary for the entire semester for each level of Latin can be found at the folders at the bottom of the main page for extra help and practice.
      These class webpages have a daily schedule for the current week that includes all assignments for that week listed by day, notes, powerpoints with narration, translation worksheets, and Quia homework exercises. Students that are absent, need extra reinforcement, or miss assignments should get their work from their class homepage. 
    I am available to answer student questions Thursdays during our Latin tutorial during smart lunch.
    My Classroom Mission

    Our mission is to understand that the Romans and their language are not figments of the past but they are very much alive in our everyday lives. We will do this by learning about Roman culture, history, language, and mythology. 
    About Me

    I grew up in Marietta GA and after I graduated from high school, I attented Lousiana State Univeristy in Baton Rouge, LA. I graduated in Spring 2007 magna cum laude with my Bacholors of Arts in Latin. After graduating  from LSU, I attended the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill where I recieved my Masters in the Art of Education with a concentration in Latin in the summer of 2008.
    I became a Latin teacher due to the profound impact and passion my high school Latin teacher had everyday during class. I love what I do and I hope to share some of my own passion and enthusiam for the Romans and their language with all of you.

    Legionary soldier

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