Fine Arts Department        
PLC Information (meeting time, roles & responsibilities, norms, mission, and goals):

Visual Arts


Chris Brown

Choral Arts

Virginia Wagner

 Theater Arts    Andrew Corbin

Meeting Times: Thursday after school. 
Roles:  Webb - Chairperson, Pappas, Nelson, Fox 
  1. Collaboration!  Everyone in this PLC will work together to share strategies, best practices, and any other information useful in continuing to be successful for our students.
  2. On Time and On Task
  3. Other engagements are rescheduled, this meeting takes priority.

Mission: To provide a foundation of excellence in the Verbage (Literacy) and Application (Skills) needed from Art 1 to Advanced Level Design Classes.
Goal:  Our strategic goal is 100% of our students achive proficiency, 80% or better, of the skills outlined in the Common Core as measured by our common assessments and benchmarks.

 PLC PDSAs and Data:
Baseline: Art I, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture
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