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    Frequently Asked Questions about volunteering in the cafeteria:
    What are the rules for condiments for students?

    All needed condiments are in the cafeteria line on the counter usually near the napkins. Students may take what they need for their lunch. Younger students may need assistance opening the packages. Volunteer assistance is appreciated.


    Kids should not be allowed to help clean the tables. Adults need to be responsible for this.

    Students feel a sense of pride and part of the team when given a responsibility to take care of their school.


    As volunteers we need to know about students with food allergies and those with peanut allergies as well. We need to know who needs to sit at the peanut free table also.

    This is a confidential matter, but staff are aware of who these students have allergies and will make sure they contact you or the assistant so that all students are safe when it comes to allergies and lunchtime.


    Do students wash their hands before coming to lunch?

    Yes. Classroom teachers make sure all students wash/sanitize their hands on the way to the cafeteria.