Woodland Heights Elementary
Media Center 
The Woodland Heights school library media program seeks to create a 21st century environment that promotes learning for all students by providing equitable access to information, teaching information literacy skills, and encouraging lifelong learning.  The library media center strives to be a hub for collaborative learning that produces creative students who have an appreciation of literature, critical thinking skills, and a respect for others and self.
 Mission Statement
The school library media program will support the curriculum by collaborating with teachers, developing a collection that is representative of the community, and implement literacy instruction for students. 
About Me

I am thrilled to begin my third year as Woodland Heights Media Coordinator.  I look forward to the challenges ahead and plan to continue to make the Media Center a place the staff, students, and community will be proud of.  I will provide 21st century learning for the students and plan lessons that encourage research from the children of Woodland Heights. 
2016 will be my twelfth year here at Woodland Heights Elementary. The first nine were spent in second grade.  A position I still miss.   Before Woodland Heights I spent seven years teaching Second Grade at First Flight Elementary in Kill Devil Hills, NC (Home of The Wright Brother's First Flight). I received my college education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I have been happily married for fifteen years.  My wife Sherrill (Mrs. Miller from First Grade) and I have a wonderful twelve year old daughter named Molly.  She will be a seventh grader this year.  As a family we enjoy going on walks, playing in the backyard, traveling to the beach, and just being together. 
Summer 2016- I am currently working on obtaining my Masters in Library and Information Studies from the University of North Carolina Greensboro.  For the spring semester (2015) I successfully completed two courses.  LIS 600: Foundations of Library and Information Studies and LIS 650: Library Administration and Management.  Summer of 2015- I successfully completed LIS 635: Media Productions. Fall 2015- I completed two courses.  LIS 617: Materials For Children and LIS 620: Information Sources and Services. For the Spring of 2016 I completed LIS 630: Computer Related Technology and Information Management and LIS 654: School Media Specialist.  Summer of 20016 I completed LIS 625: Electronic Resources for Youth.  This Fall I am enjoying two more classes.  LIS 640: Information Access, and Organization as well as LIS 653: The School Library.  The classes have been very beneficial and have allowed me to bring resources to Woodland Heights that have had a positive impact on both teachers and students.