• Welcome to 4th grade at Troutman Elementary.  Our mission is to help your child be successful.

    This year in Math we will focus on fractions as well as fluency in adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.  Multi-step word problems are incorporated into all areas of math learning.  To meet your student’s needs, we use manipulatives, small group instruction, and technology.

    Our literacy block includes some whole group instruction and Daily 5 rotations with small group instruction based on your child’s strengths and needs.  We use the Wordly Wise program for our vocabulary instruction.  Students are given a list of words which we will work with over a two week period.  It is important for your child to also study these words at home.  We also use Accelerated Reading in each class.  Students will read A.R. books and then take a quiz to earn A.R. points.  Each child has an A.R. point goal for the quarter.

    Science has five areas of study: the moon and its phases, forms of energy, changes in the earth, and animals and how they affect our lives.  Fourth grade students also participate in a fire safety course throughout the school year.  At the end of the year students can earn the opportunity to attend Fire Safety Field Day.

    In Social Studies, we are learning about the state of North Carolina.  We will study North Carolina’s history from past to present to future.  We use the Scholastic News issues to help us with current events in our world and assist us with reading nonfiction texts.

    Each teacher has a webpage with links to resources your child can access at school and at home.  A newsletter will also be sent weekly or bi-weekly.  If you cannot locate these resources or are not receiving newsletters, please let us know. 

Last Modified on August 23, 2016