• 3rd Grade

    Check out 3rd Grade!

    When we are not rocking reading, writing, math, and science in the classroom you can find us visiting the Panther’s Stadium, under the star in a planetarium or working our muscles in PE class. We keep our bodies healthy with “Grab and Go” breakfast and sitting on stability balls in the classroom to work on core balance.

    We are equipped with the technology to become 21st century learners that will achieve our dream careers. From “Geek Week,” to “Science Fair” to “Book Character Day” we are always up for learning in fun new ways. We learn real life skills like budgeting for a Thanksgiving meal and are always learning new fun ways to make math meaningful to our own lives.

    So, stop by 3rd grade and see what it is all about! We are growing leaps and bounds and conquering the world one skill at a time.

Last Modified on December 1, 2014