• This year's second grade class at Troutman Elementary School has followed tradition with excellence, and so have their teachers. The teachers have been busy preparing the units of study, paying close attention to the Common Core Essential Standards.

    Language Arts -

    In Second grade, we expand on our literacy knowledge from first grade in 2 ways.  First, we use the Letterland Reading Program.  Letterland is a unique, phonics-based approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling.  Second, we incorporate the Daily 5  Program.  The Daily 5 Program  is a framework for structuring literacy time so students develop lifelong habits of reading, writing and working independently.  

    Common Core Essential Standards: Asking/answering the 5w’s, story elements, using print to determine PLOT, using context clues to determine the meaning of 2nd grade words, comparing two stories, reading variety of text, relating the steps of a process, recognizing parts of a poem/song, identifying the main idea of a story.

    Mathematics –

    In math, we utilize the EnVision Math program.  This program engages your child as it strengthens their understanding of math.  EnVision uses problem based, interactive and visual learning to deepen understanding of concepts.  We supplement our math core with learning games, manipulatives, interactive small group lessons and learning stations that are focused on that week’s skill. 

    Common Core Essential Standards : Place value, skip counting, adding/subtracting up to 100, identify odd and even numbers, time to the 5 minute interval, identifying coins and their values, comparing two three digit numbers, measurement, shapes, graphing data and creating line plots.

    Science and Social Studies –

    Common Core Essential Standards Science-- Force and motion, matter, earth structures, systems and its processes, evolution and genetics, structures and functions of living organisms.

    Common Core Essential Standards Social Studies--Governmental systems, interpreting maps, needs and wants, producers, consumer goods, services, supply, demand, and use time lines to show sequence in history.

    All of the teachers use an integrated curriculum in order to accommodate and open their students' eyes to what is around them and what was here before them. Hopefully, we can let our students look to the future.

    Second graders progress with computer programs that began in their Kindergarten year.  We continue to use Ticket To Read for reading as well as iXL and Moby Max for math .  Accelerated Reader is a new computer program that the kids are very excited about!  “AR” helps teachers manage and monitor your child’s independent reading practice.  It is a school goal that your child reaches their AR goal for each quarter. Come check out our Second Grade Reading Rainbow AR goal board to see your child’s progress. 


Last Modified on October 2, 2015