• Kindergarten is a key year during which the foundation of learning is set. As kindergarten teachers, we strive to make that foundation as strong as possible. We believe in a strong partnership with our families and our community.

    For our math lessons we pride ourselves on our student participation involving many hands on manipulatives.  We utilize research based educational games and technology software to assist us in reaching our math goals. We use the PDSA (plan, do, study, act) approach to address any gaps in reading and math. The team approach allows students to be involved in the planning of activities to help close these gaps. They really take ownership of their learning!

    The children are taught the beginning stages of reading through a very structured phonics program, Letterland. Phonics teaches the sounds of letters and how to blend them together. It has been a great success in preparing the students to read and write!  All K teachers use the framework of Daily 5 to meet Language Art goals. This includes activities for word work, writing, read to self, read to others and listening center. Wow! Our students are working on building their reading stamina and they are improving every day!

    We incorporate Social Studies into our reading weekly. We want to build strong connections to the world we live in! Currently we have a joint project with family and friends where they send us postcards from the places where they live and visit.  We are enjoying reading the postcards as we learn about all of these places and locate each one on a map.

    Our classrooms have 12 ipads and we have access to the computer lab weekly.  Our students use various websites and software such as:  Starfall, Istation, and Moby Max to increase math and reading skills.

    Enhancement classes such as Computer Lab, Music, Art, and Physical Education enhance the Kindergarten Common Core Essentials.

    We take a field trip in May to Tweetsie Railroad where the Letterland characters come to life! We create an educational, fun and exciting school year for our students!

Last Modified on August 23, 2016