• Welcome to 8th grade

    Advanced Language Arts  with Mrs. Zurich!

               Mrs. Zurich       

        My Classroom Mission:
    •      To engage and challenge all learners by providing materials and tasks on the standard at varied levels of difficulty, with varying degrees of scaffolding, through multiple instructional groups, along with time variations.

    Kathleen Zurich
    Email: kathleen_zurich@iss.k12.nc.us

    Other duties:

    BMS Football/Basketball Cheerleading Coach
    My philosophy: 
    •       Reading in English and Language Arts is necessary and has infinite benefits because it can offer prime examples of the English language at its best, cross borders and ethnic boundaries, and cultivate and develop higher level thinking skills. Literature is the foundation of my content because it is what keeps our language and culture alive. Reading is the key to unlocking vast storehouses of knowledge contained within literature.
            For example, within the Romeo and Juliet Unit, students will study history and Elizabethan culture; examples of the English language at its finest in Shakespeare’s words, puns, and constructions; and themes such as love and violence that are still relevant to them today.
           Reading makes students analyze their beliefs and the world around them by introducing various points of view. This teaches empathy, broadens minds, and improves cognitive and reflective abilities. Reading also helps improve students’ communication skills because it exposes students to artful and effective written communication styles and vocabularies and helps students develop a knowledge base from which to draw conclusions and opinions.
      About Me:
             I grew up on Eastern Long Island, New York and have resided in Southern Florida as well as Mooresville, NC. My career has led me to have various opportunities in all three states. 
             My love for reading and writing has always motivated me to encourage and promote literacy to children of all ages. I am a voracious reader and have been known to read a novel a week. Each summer I spend time reading the latest novels available for my students as well as student recommendations.
             My hobbies include cooking, reading and gardening. I am an empty nester with two grown sons that reside in Orlando, FL and one daughter that lives in Pinehurst, NC. My pride and joy is my grandchildren...three month old Mason, one-year old granddaughter Alwyn, and three-year old grandson Liam.
             My favorite pastime is sitting on my front porch reading or in the evening with my husband Jack and simply enjoying the North Carolina seasons!
    •  Bachelor of Arts; Molloy College for Woman Rockville Centre, NY 
    • Columbia University's of NYC;  Reading and Writing Summer Institutes
    • Reading First Certification in FL
    • Master's degree in School Administration; Gardner-Webb University, NC 
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