• Welcome

    Daniel LaClair

    The students need to Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, Read, and remember what you read.
    Practice addition and subtraction facts!  Two hard parts of math are telling time and counting money with all the different coins.  We will start multiplication facts in the spring.  The hardest part of math will be the word problems, which the students must read, understand, and solve the problem.
    My Classroom Mission
    We come to school to learn.  We will follow the rules to create a good learning environment.  Our class will learn math, reading and science.  The students will learn social studies, writing, grammar and spelling.  Everybody will learn life skills, we will do this in a friendly environment.
    High Expectations

    In second grade we learn a lot.  It is a fun year but, I expect a lot of my students.  If the students follow the rules and practice what they learn, they will do well in class.  We need to read everyday in school and at home.  Students need to read fluently and comprehend what they read.  Homework needs to be done, it is great practice.  Students must practice math and study spelling words.  We will work a lot with vocabulary words in reading, math, science and social studies. The students will take notes or write in each subject.  I expect students to study for the test and they should be prepared for class.  We are going to have a great year!
Last Modified on December 12, 2018