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     art school


    Phone number: 704-873-3002
    "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."  -Maya Angelou 

     In art we will learn the art standards for our grade level. We will use what we learn to create art and understand that it is the process of creating art helps us develop creativity, diligence, personal responsibility, critical thinking, collaboration and comminication. 

    About Me

     Family is very important to me. My son's name is Zack and my daughter's name is Beth. Zack is 14 and Beth is 21. They are the light of my life. After spending time with the children in my class we become a family as well.  I believe that once a child is a student of mine they are always a student of mine. I also believe in life long learning and I have a Masters degree in Instructional Technology. Education is a field that is always growing and changing with endless possibilites. This is why it  appeals to me.