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    I received a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Degree in
    Industrial Systems Engineering from the
    Georgia Institute of Technology,
    graduating first in my class with High Honors.


    My engineering background: 
    I began my engineering career in Washington DC working as a consultant in
    the military support industry.  I worked as a Logistics Engineer for Syscon Corporation
    optimizing radio spare parts stored on Los Angeles class nuclear submarines.
    Next, I moved to the aerospace industry and worked as a Manufacturing Engineer 
    for Martin Marietta Aerospace.  My job was to provide the engineering support for a
    a team of people producing rockets and missiles one at a time for the U.S. Defense 
    Department.  Following that, I jumped to the technology industry and worked as a 
    Product Engineer for AT&T Information Systems.  This time I supported the assembly
    line production of phone network equipment.  I finished my engineering career by
    working in depot maintenance as a Process Engineer for the U.S. Government, U.S.A.F.
    There my job was to trouble-shoot the overhaul process for F-15 & F-16
    fighter jet Unified Fuel Controls.  I have since retired from that very fascinating,
    challenging, and rewarding engineering career, but I bring a lot of those skills into
    the classroom


    My teaching background:

    • middle school math for Manassas, Virginia Public Schools
    • high school math and science for a private school in Fairfax, Virginia
    • high school math and science for AVID in DODDS, Ramstein, Germany
    • high school math for Foxboro Charter Public School, in Foxboro, Massachusetts
    • high school math for Charles County Public Schools, Indian Head, Maryland
    • high school IB MYP math for Iredell Statesville Public Schools, Mt. Mourne
    • high school IB DP math & DP TOK for Iredell Statesville Public Schools, SIHS

    My international-mindedness diverse cultural background:

    I have lived extensively overseas as an active duty military dependent.
    I spent two years in Turkey, three years in Japan, and four years in Germany.
    I have traveled through most of Europe, large portions of the Far East, and
    a bit of Africa.  Additionally, I have had the privilege to live all over America
    and have visited (or at least passed through) 47 states.
    Ask me about my granddaughter!  She took her first steps on 8/24/16!
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