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    What is Community Classroom?
    Community Classroom is a collection of resources and course offerings aimed at helping parents and guardians become full partners in their child's education.  Community Classroom seeks first to engage the community- to take the all-important first step in wanting to form a partnership.  The courses are designed to be educational and provide useful, practical information that will ultimately empower parents to make a positive impact on their child's future.
    Why was Community Classroom created?
    There is a real need in schools throughout the district for increased parent involvement.  Studies reveal that the most successful students are those who have parents who are involved and engaged in the educational process.  Community Classroom was developed to help families and community members learn more about what they can doto support their children's academic success and overall wellbeing.
    Are there specific learning areas on which Community Classroom will focus?
    Yes!  There are four:
    • Skill-Building for Parents:  Empowering parents to raise self-confident, disciplined, motivated, responsible, and educated children from birth to early childhood
    • Learning in the 21st Century:  Giving parent the tools to help support the educational opportunities and challenges children face in the 21st century
    • Health and Wellness:  Ensuring parents have the information and resources needed to support healthy lifestyles, including the physical and emotional
    • Personal Growth and Development:  Providing opportunities for parents to increase their own personal and professional growth, and giving them the tools to support and advocate for themselves and their children
    Where are the courses held?
    Everywhere!  From local schools to houses of worship, and everywhere in between, Community Classroom is just that.  Classes will be offered throughout the community, in locations that are convenient to parents.
    Is there a cost for the courses?
    No.  All Community Classroom sessions are free.  Fees will not be assessed by the school district or the course provider.
    Is transportation provided?
    Unfortunately, transportation cannot be provided at this time.
    How many classes can someone take?
    As many as you want!  There is no limit to how many classes someone can take.
    Does Community Classroom offer classes in multiple languages?
    Several classes will be offered in Spanish.  Please refer to the course catalog and individual course descriptions for more details.
    Is childcare available?
    Unfortunately, child care cannot be provided at this time.
    How do I register for a course?
    You can either register online or submit a registration form through your child's school.  You may also contact us by phone at 704-924-2032.
    How can local businesses and organizations become involved in Community Classroom?
    There are a variety of ways in which organizations can become involved.  Whether local businesses elected to provide financial support or organizations offer valuable learning opportunities, there is room for everyone to make a positive impact through Community Classroom.
    My organization would like to teach a course.  How can we do this?
    It's pretty easy!  Simply submit a completed course recommendation form.  (School and district contacts should complete the internal form.)  All forms are subject to review by the Community Classroom curriculum review board.  Someone will be in contact with you to discuss your application and provide further instructions.  Recommendation forms for fall classes are due by June 15.  Recommendation forms for spring classes are due by November 15.
    Where can I get more information about Community Classroom?
    Keep checking our webpage, or contact the Iredell-Statesville Schools public relations department at 704-924-2032.  You may also email Community Classroom.