• Mount Mourne School Clubs - 2017-2018
    Club Directory
    We hope all of our students will consider joining a club this year! Most clubs begin with an information session in the fall. Listen for session times on morning announcements, check the weekly Phoenix Update (email) or check this page for updates. Please contact Mrs.Hoffman, Scholastic Club Coordinator, (shannon_hoffman@iss.k12.nc.us) with questions or to volunteer!
    Art Showcase
    Sponsor: Mrs. Frasier
    Test your artistic abilities in a statewide competition. After receiving a category prompt, students have one month to create and submit art. Media categories include painting, drawing, collage, photography and more.
    Meeting Dates:
    All meetings are in Art Room.
    Thurs, 10/26- 3:00- 3:30 
    Thurs, 11/2- 3:00- 3:55
    Thurs, 11/9- 3:00- 3:55
    Thurs, 11/16- 3:00 -3:55
    Thurs, 11/30- 3:00- 3:55
    Thurs, 12/7- 3:00- 3:55
    Thurs, 12/14- 3:00- 3:55
    Thurs, 1/4- 3:00- 3:55
    Weds, 1/10- 3:00- 3:55
    Battle of the Books 
    Sponsor: Mrs. Gillis
    After reading an assigned list of books, teams battle it out, answering questions to determine their comprehension.
    Battle of the Books is offered as a class to select 7th and 8th grade students. Participation is by invitation only.
    Sponsor: Mrs. Ramsey, Parent Advisor 
    A game of strategy and intellect, some believe that playing chess can actually make you smarter.*  Players of all skill levels are welcome!
    There are 2 levels of Chess at MMS:
    Chess Club- Free and open to players  at any skill level
    Chess Team- Open to players of any skill level who want to compete in area tournaments. ($150 donation covers membership in U.S. Chess Federation, professional lessons, competition t-shirt).
    Listen for an announcement soon!  
    The NC Envirothon is an exciting natural resource club designed to challenge students in an interactive, outdoor competition (consisting of 3-5 students) in the spring of 2018. Competition areas include
    Wildlife, Forestry, Aquatic Ecology, Soils and Land Use and Current
    Environmental Issues. 
    Interest Meeting: Sept 20th-3-4 in Mrs. Driver's room. If you can't make the meeting and are interested in joining, please contact Mrs. Driver by Oct 6th. 
    The club will meet regularly from 3-4, Wednesdays in Mrs. Driver's room. 
     penandpaper Inkers (Writing Club)
    Do you have a passion for writing? Do you love coming up with lyrics and poetry? Are you writing a book? Then this is the club for you.
    Listen for an announcement soon! 
    Students will practice problem solving strategies and learn new mathematics concepts to prepare for mathematics competitions in a fun but competitive environment.  In February there will be a regional MATHCOUNTS Competition.
     If you are interested and would like more details, please sign up on Mrs. Jones' door. 
    Quiz Bowl
    Sponsor:  Mr. Moody, Mr. Gordon (Parent)
    Description: Teams go head-to-head answering questions on a wide range of topics in a fast-paced format.
     Listen for an announcement
    Odyssey of the Mind
    Sponsor: Parent Coaches Needed!
    Description:  In Odyssey of the Mind, students merge creativity with out-of-the-box thinking to solve complex problems in new ways. 
    We need parent volunteers to oversee this club. Contact  Shannon Hoffman if interested! 
    Sponsor: Mrs. Adams
    If you tend to wonder how things work, have an interest in building new things, and programing your own robot, this club may be for you!

     Listen for an announcement
     beaker Science Olympiad
    Science Olympiad offers tournaments  for students interested in gaining hands-on experience in biology, earth science, environmental science, chemistry, physics, engineering and technology.
     Listen for an announcement
    speech and debate
    Speech and Debate 
    Sponsor: Mrs. Eisinger
    Want to be a confident, convincing public speaker? If practice makes perfect, then Speech & Debate Club will give you the practice you need to entertain, inform and persuade an audience. You will also learn how to craft solid arguments for debate. 
    Meetings are Mondays at
    3-4 p.m. in Mrs. Eisinger's room. 
    Student Government Association
    Sponsors: Mrs. Doughtie and Mrs. Webb
    Description: Student leaders, selected as representatives, collaborate to create activities for the school that promote enthusiasm, school spirit, and a commitment to community service.
     Students who are interested in applying to participate in SGA should see Mrs. Webb or Mrs. Doughtie. More information is coming soon. 
     Technology Club
    Sponsor: Mrs. Adams
    If you think you can answer yes to most or all of these questions:
    -- Are you interested in learning how to program a computer? 
    -- Do you know what it takes to create a website or video games? 
    -- Do you know a computer's true language? 
    -- Do you like math, logic, or puzzles?
    -- Do you have what it takes to be programmer? 
    If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, you may be interested in joining the Technology Club.  You have the option of entering National competitions with other TSA members of your age or just have fun learning to program.
     Listen for an announcement


    Sponsor: Mrs. Farmer 
    Teams of 12 students tackle twelve topics with twevle questions each. Twelve is an original competition developed by the North Carolina Association for Scolastic activities.
    Listen for an announcement on meeting times soon!




    Club Shirt  
    Please note: 
    • All clubs will use the same t-shirt, so if your student belongs to multiple clubs, you will only need one t-shirt.

    • Also, we will be using the same gold tie-dye t-shirt as last year, with a few logo updates to include new clubs, but if your child has a club t-shirt from last year, a new one is not required.

    Order your shirt online by selecting a size below:  
    (Tie-dye t-shirts are preshrunk and may run slightly smaller than regular Mt. Mourne Spirit Wear t-shirts.)
    If you'd prefer, fill out this form, and bring form and payment to your club's teacher sponsor.