• We will ensure your child receives an individualized education based on his/her learning needs. We will be implementing the Primary Years Programme framework for a transdisciplinary approach to teaching, this means that we will teach all of the subjects together so we can dig deeper into learning. We will encourage students to be inquirers and investigate what interests them. Students will also attend Spanish class once per week. 


     Third grade students are engaged in projects throughout the year that cross all content areas. Students strengthen their public speaking skills by presenting their projects to classmates. Some of these projects include: An President research, Economy project, Planet Research, and culture float.

    Third grade instruction is rigorous and standards driven. Differentiation is evident through leveled work, small group instruction, peer collaboration and Teacher Assistant support.

    Students are regularly utilizing classroom ipads and computers to enhance the math and reading curriculum. These devices have also been used for research to deepen understanding of various science and social studies topics. Teachers regularly use smartboards as a fun and interactive way to engage student learning. 

    Units covered in the 6 transdisciplinary themes:


    Who We Are:  Human body and culture


    Where We Are in Place and Time:  Solar System


    How We Express Ourselves:  Citizenship and Government


    How the World Works:  Force and Motion and Matter


    How We Organize Ourselves:  Economy


    Sharing the Planet:  Plants and Landforms


Last Modified on March 26, 2018