• Welcome to Mrs. Webb's Seventh Grade Class!
    A Little Bit About Mrs. Webb 
    I have been teaching in ISS schools for over 15 years.  For ten years I taught 5th grade at Lake Norman Elementary.  This is my seventh year teaching level 2, language and literature at Mt. Mourne Middle School.  I love the global approach to learning at our IB school.  I also love co-teaching with Ms. Doughtie who will be your official humanties teacher this year.  Together we will teach you language arts and social studies.  You will find this a different way to learn, but we think you will like it.  
    I have worked hard being a life long learner.  I have a degree in English from the University of Central Florida, and I have a MAT from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.  I am also AIG certified, and I have middle school certification in Language Arts.  
    I am always on the look out for new opportunities to grow as a teacher and person.  As part of my approach to life long learning, I love to travel.  When I travel to new places, I love to be a part of the local culture and get off the beaten path.  This past year a student asked me how many countries I have visited.  I told him that i was not sure and I would have to figure it out.  I am still not sure, but maybe this summer I will figure it out!
    Traveling allows me to embrace all of the IB leaner traits.  Travel pushes me to be a risk taker because I have to put myself in unfamiliar situations, and sometimes this is scary for me.  Travel encourages me to be open minded because I meet lots of people who are not the same as me; and I feel that it is important to be willing to understand these new friends and the culture of their country.  Travel provides me with the opportunity to be an inquirerer becuse I love to talk to people and ask them about their country.  Travel helps me to be knowledgable because I learn a lot of history about the places where I visit,.  Travel helps me to be balanced because I have to figure out when and where to travel while also remembering that I have other responsiblities in my life.  Travel allows me to show others that I am principled as I make sure I follow the rules and customs of other countries.  Travel pushes me to think about the world in new ways.  Travel helps me to practice being a communicator as I interact with people that I meet.  Travel reminds me to be caring about the world and all of those that live in our world..  Travel reminds me to reflect on people around the world.  Travel helps me to see that we, regardless of where we call home,  are all  humans, and we are connected by our shared humanity. 
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    How do the IB learner traits define you?
    On a personal note,  I am married to Mr. Webb.  We have been married for 31 years, and we have known each other since we were 12 years old!  We have three children.  Emily is a graduate from Clemson.  Nick graduated from Cornell in Ithaca, NY, and he is in his third year of  law school at Chapel Hill.  Madeline graduated this year from the University of South Carolina.  I love my family as i know that each of you love your familites.  
    I look forward to getting to know you this year as we build community, grow, and learn together.  It is going to be an awesome year!
    sugar shack in Montreal  
    Mr. Webb and Mrs. Webb enjoying a VERY cold spring break in Montreal. We are at a Cabane de Sucre.  March 2018
    In Ireland with my sister and Maddie.  May 2018. 
        llama farm  
    Celebrating with friends and family at a llama farm near Winston Salem, NC.  January 2018.
    .      . 
    A weekend in Chicago with Mr. Webb.  Taking some time to see a Broadway show called Margaritaville.  Jimmy Buffet was a surprise guest.  Nov. 2017.  
    email me ~ sallywebb@iss.k12.nc.us
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