Mrs. Kersten/Coach Kersten/Coach "K" :)
    MOVE & GROOVE - RUN group meets every Thursday until 3:30.  Pick-up in the back area by the playgrounds.  IF it is raining, pick-up in the front car rider area.
    Be ready for any type of weather!!!
    Kids Heart Challenge 
    We have ANOTHER opportunity to receive our $1000 dollars.  We need 20 or more students to sign up to take the Kids Heart Challenge.  REMEMBER, this does NOT cost you anything.  What a GREAT opportunity for students to challenge themselves to move 60 minutes everyday or drink more water rather than sugary drinks or step up and help someone in need.  This is a win win for everyone!
    IF your child has NOT taken the HEART Challenge during our Jump Rope For Heart event there is still time.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sign up for the CHALLENGE -- you will help your child and help our school receive $1000 dollars just for our school registering half of our students into the "CHALLENGE"-- this is FREE money!!!
    ALWAYS have Tennis Shoes!!!
    Recess is considered physical activity,
    PE is considered Physical Education,
    BOTH require MOVEMENT!!! :):):) 
    Be on the look out for what is happening next in P.E.  I will work on posting pictures of activities happening in class and the next steps in class.  
    PLEASE feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have throughtout the year!!
    You are welcome to visit class any time, just let me know when so the office knows to expect you.
     Beth L. Kersten Email:  bkersten@iss.k12.nc.us
    *Exercise boosts brain function.     
              *Exercise gives students an advantage to learn.            
    *Exercise is encoded in our genes.
         *Movement facilitates cognition.     
                *What makes us move is also what makes us think.           
    *Movement anchors learning.
    My Classroom Mission :
    As students at Lake Norman Elementary, we will come to Physical Education class to exercise, move, and challenge our minds and bodies. These tools will help us become physically fit and guide each of us in reaching our goal of getting in our Healthy Fitness Zone. We can accomplish this by having a positive attitude and coming prepared for class.
    "Exercise itself doesn't make us smarter.  Instead exercise makes us more able to learn and focus and optimizes the brain for learning." John Ratey
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