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    Señora Raquel Swierczewski
    Email: rswierczewski@iss.k12.nc.us
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    I am very happy to be part of the Northview an IBO World School.
    I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. I am a native Spanish speaker. I have a B.S. from ITESO a foreign university located in Mexico. 
    I have been living in Statesville since 1997 and I love it! I have four daughters and three of them attended Northview. One of them was the first generation of the DP Program in 2013. My other daughter was the first generation all the way through 6th grade to the DP Program. I am one of the teachers that give testimony of all the great and continuous progress we are achieving in Northview since 2009. 
    I love Northview
    My mission is to challenge all students to acquire Spanish understanding and knowledge on multicultural differences on the Spanish speaking countries.  I will succeed by keeping in mind the  school and students’ mission statements, caring, respecting and being aware of all students' needs.  This can only be possible with the help of the students,  parents, staff, and community. 
    Learning a second language is not just learning vocabulary and grammar.  It is becoming aware of new 
    sounds, expressing our feelings and beliefs, and discovering different ways of seeing the world.  
    Research shows that knowledge of other languages boosts a student's understanding of languages in 
    general and enables him/her to use English more effectively.  Studying a foreign language develops 
    mental flexibility, creativity, and higher order thinking skills, such as problem-solving, 
    conceptualizing, and reasoning.  As a result students often score higher in reading, language arts, and 
    math tests. 
    The study of cultural values and belief structures helps dissolve misconceptions and prejudice, while 
    creating trust and empathy.  Learning another language opens up new opportunities and gives your 
    child perspectives that he/she might never encounter otherwise.  It teaches him/her how to 
    act in another culture, gives a better understanding of his/her own culture, and shows how others view 
    our way of life.  Learning Spanish can also lead to the acquisition of important life skills, making your 
    child better equipped to adapt and cope with an ever-changing world.  It can help your child to more 
    fully appreciate and understand the world in which we live.
    As your child's Spanish teacher I believe all of the above and will do my best to help your child stretch 
    and grow to achieve these goals.


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