• Welcome to my classroom.

    Me with used scientific equipment donations I received from Duke!


    Ed Huffman                                                          
    NVIB Science

    My Classroom Mission

    Students, parents and teachers working together, our short term mission is for all students to excel in science and the corresponding EOG. Our long term goal is preparing all students for high school, careers and life while learning to THINK and gaining an understanding and appreciation of the world around us (science).
    About Me

    I graduated in 1979 from N.C. State University with a B.S. in Chemistry.  For ~25 years I worked in chemical sales for petroleum and chemical companies.  During that time I meet, worked with and helped many friends while applying my technical degree.  The most interesting aspects of my sales career were the many industries and numerous markets I was fortunate to observe.  It’s amazing to see human ingenuity at work and science in action.


    I have been teaching since 2003, all with ISS, and I have been at Northview IB since its inception.  I love being in the classroom with students and sharing knowledge.  I stress safety, respect, making the right choices and productive laughing……..which is to say we have fun and we learn.


    In addition to being more gratifying than sales, teaching allows me my favorite pursuit: spending more time with my family.  My wife, Paula, is the counselor here at Northview.  My son, Will, graduated with an IB diploma from South Iredell High School and is a Centennial Scholar at North Carolina State University.  Since Will loves to snow ski and surf, my family spends lots of time in the mountains during the winter and at the beach during the summer. 

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