• Service as Action Requirements 


    Service As Action Google Form and “Service as Action - Documentation” Directions

    1. Click on the Google Form titled “Service as Action - Documentation
    2. You will fill out and submit the form at the end of each quarter
      • End of 1st Quarter - October 30
      • End of 2nd Quarter - January 18
      • End of 3rd Quarter - March 28
      • End of 4th Quarter - May 31
    3. Fill out the form completely before submitting
    4. School staff will track the hours and conference with students who need additional service hours at the end of each quarter.
    5. A student should average close to four service hours per semester but may do more
    6. At the end of the year, your service hours will be tallied and your parents will sign off that you have completed the number of hours you submitted
    7. You must submit at least 15 hours for the year


Last Modified on October 19, 2018