• Service as Action Requirements (updated)

    All students will be required to complete 15 total hours of individual Service as Action.  These hours must be completed outside of the regular school day.  Hours will be counted any time after July 1.  While this is an individual expectation, the school will share opportunities for Service as Action as we receive them.  These will be shared via email, social media and/or on our Service as Action bulletin board located on the Level II hall.  We will have 2 checkpoints - Fall and Spring.  The 15 hours is a minimum requirement.  IB students are encouraged to give back to their community as a part of their global awareness journey.  Students who go above and beyond will be recognized. 
    In addition, each grade level will be completing a community service project during the school day.  This project will be related to the curriculum and prepare our students for their next step in the IB world of Personal Project.  We will train them on what their Personal Project can look like, how it may be assessed, and provide a solid foundation for their success with the Personal Project. On the right you will find a link to the Personal Project site for South Iredell for more information.

Last Modified on June 23, 2017