Northview Clubs
Please listen to morning and afternoon announcements concerning starting dates and any changes in the club schedules throughout the school year.  All club meeting dates will be posted on the club bulletin board.




Battle of the Books
Battle of the Books is statewide competition for students in Levels 1-3 (6th-8th). Students are required to read and answer questions on a total of 27 books from the North Carolina Battle of the Books Competition list. Team members for the school are selected based on elimination rounds held in November. 
Official rules:

Mrs. Allison Wilson

Chess Club

Students will learn how to play chess and will practice playing with a variety of partners. Students will participate in district competitions as appropriate and as the budget allows. 

Ms. Aria Campbell
Creative Writing Club If you are interested in writing, reading or illustration of any kind, the Creative Writing Club is the place for you! Whether you love fiction, poetry, journaling, traditional illustration, graphic novels or Mangas--or anything in between--you'll find a place here to practice your craft and grow as an artist.  All interested students are welcome to attend!
Ms. Paula Huffman
Impact Bible Club   

Mr. Joel Free
Pastor Tim Brower (Oaks Church) 
International Club

In the ICC students learn how to cook international fresh and healthy meals, how to build their essential cooking, math, home and reading skills as they follow recipes and measure ingredients. Students will learn about food safety and meal planning skills that help them make healthy and nutritious choices in a fun and interactive way. After all, eating delicious food is one of life's great pleasures!! Register with Mrs. Roldan if you are interested in the ICC. 

Ms. Maria Roldan
Ms. Missy Bristol
Leadership Club   

Sheila Jenkins
 Language Aquisition Club

Language Acquisition Club Activity Day meetings are generally formal discussions of club business.  Social gathering, is an opportunity to socialize, practice Spanish-French, and participate in cultural activities meant to extend language practice beyond what is covered in class.  Activities may include games, short soap operas, cooking classes, and films in Spanish-French; organization of civic projects, tutoring, community service, field trips, and fund raising; group readings of poetry, newspapers, and mythology; crafts, cultural celebrations, and much, much more.  The club is student centered and all who participate are encouraged to share ideas for future activities. Click the Language B Club link for meeting times. 

Ms. Raquel Swierczewski
Ms. Melissa Heinrich
Ms. Maria Roldan
Marcela Puentes-Nasri
Drama Club
Drama Club is an opportunity for students to work together on a combination of music and acting.  Students will rehearse during club meeting times.  Dancers, singers, and actors are welcome! 
Ms. Kimberly Hicks
The Fit Club is designed to engage students in an active lifestyle everyday. Students will aid in helping themselves and others develop a positive attitude towards physical activity and nutrition that promote a healthy lifestyle. We are on a mission to have fun with fitness. 
Mr. Clayton Moore
Robotics/First Lego LeagueThe Robotics club meets during WIN in the mornings and after school as needed to prepare for competition. 
Ed Huffman
Brandi Kilgore 
 AG Club 
Joseph Pentzak
Natosha Newton
 Beta Club 
 Brittany Swanson
 Zumba Club 
Raquel Swierczewski
 Quill Club 
Dare York
 Recycling Club 
Miranda Smith 
 Truth Girlz 
Regina Yount, Kelli Tacosik
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