• Assessment Policy


    Teachers met in department groups to work on vertical alignment of interim objective descriptions and to modify assessment criteria to align with the interim objectives.  With the leveled criteria in place, we are sure that all areas are being covered in the five year period providing ample prior knowledge for the completion of the level five personal projects.  Formative assessment during each unit is a tool to adjust teaching and to inform not only teachers but students and parents of areas where students need additional work in order to be successful at mastering a skill.   


    When developing assessments, teachers use the prescribed minimum task list in their subject guides.  During weekly department meetings, teachers discuss different assessment strategies and reflect on their appropriateness of content, rigor in the assessment, personal application of the objectives, and reflection of the assessment.  Each department is in the process of broadening their task repertoire as more units are created and revised throughout each school year.  At the end of MYP units, teachers reflect as a team on criterion used, effectiveness of assessment, the use of formative assessment during the unit, and improvements to the process and units.  Teachers are working to develop an understanding of assessment throughout the subject area. Summative scores are based on the latest most consistent rubric scores at the end of the school year. 


    As a staff, we developed a grading policy:

    In each subject, teachers will assess student work using their subject’s specified MYP criteria at least twice a year.  The descriptors will be adapted according to the grade level. At least twice yearly, parents will have student progress communicated through our MYP process report in the form of the rubric adapted for each grade level, and will have an opportunity to conference with teachers at that time.


    Portfolio Work:

    Every student in each subject area will keep a portfolio of all MYP assessments with rubrics, teacher and peer feedback, and reflections.  Students set their own goals and record their data scores as they work through the units during the year.  They keep the data sheets in their portfolios.  These portfolios will be transferred from one level to the next in the subject area at the beginning of each new school year.



    During all parent conferences throughout the school year, the portfolio MYP work will be explained to the parents/guardians.  We will have student-led conferences nearing the end of first and second semester with all MYP parents for all subject areas.  Training on the assessments and criteria will be offered for parents prior to the conferences to broaden their understanding of the MYP expectations.  Any parent with questions or concerns will have the option for an additional teacher conference for further discussion.


    Our three year plan is to increase the number of MYP criteria assessments as our number of MYP units increase.  In 2009-10, teachers were required to teach a minimum of three MYP units with the final assessments.  In 2010-11, teachers are required to teach all units on their course outlines using the final assessments.   


Last Modified on August 30, 2011