• Northview School
    Academic Honesty Policy
    Our mission:

    NorthView School is committed to developing internationally-minded lifelong learners by fostering a safe environment that promotes inquiry through holistic learning.


    At Northview School, our mission is to provide an outstanding educational atmosphere in which students are principled learners. We believe that all students should demonstrate honesty and integrity through respectful interaction with our work environment and each other. We believe that trust and respect are essential to the learning process and academic dishonesty hurts all stakeholders in education.

    The academically honest student:


    • Document help from parents, older students and friends
    • Acknowledge the source of direct quotations
    • Cite information taken from books, CD-ROMS, the internet and all other resources
    • Acknowledge reference materials in a bibliography
    • Know what constitutes cheating and abides by the rules
    • Follows all exam rules

    Does Not:

    • Use notes during a test unless allowed by a teacher
    • Copy from another student during a test
    • Copy from the homework of another student
    • Hand in work as his/her own that has been copied
    • Do homework for another student
    • Give test answers to another student
    • Give another student his/her own work to copy

    Academic dishonesty can take several forms including the following:

    plagiarism: taking work, words, ideas, pictures, information or anything that has been produced by someone else and submitting it for assessment as one’s own.

    copying: taking work of another student, with or without his or her knowledge and

    submitting it as one’s own.

    exam cheating: communicating with another candidate in an exam, bringing unauthorized material into an exam room, or consulting such material during an exam in order to gain an unfair advantage.

    duplication: submitting work that is substantially the same for assessment in different courses without the consent of all teachers involved.

    falsifying data: creating or altering data which have not been collected in an appropriate way.

    collusion: helping another student to be academically dishonest.



    Consequences/Penalties are designed to: ensure that the student does not gain an unfair advantage, maintain the integrity of the assessment, and deter other students from taking the same action.


    Any student who has been found to be academically dishonest will have a record placed in his or her file.


    First offense: Zero on the assignment, parents or guardians notified, disciplinary referral 

    Second offense: Zero on the assignment, parents or guardians notified, disciplinary referral, 1 day suspension

    Third offense: Zero on the assignment, parents or guardians notified, disciplinary referral, extended suspension or removal from Northview.
    The student will need to write a one page, single spaced, 12 pt. font, 1” margin essay on the importance of being a “principled” Learner.



    Such students also may jeopardize their standing in extracurricular activities, honor societies and other organizations pursuant to the by-laws of such organizations.


Last Modified on March 12, 2013