• Accelerated Reader Program
    Cool Spring Elementary participates in the Accelerated Reader Program.
    All students in grades 1 - 5 take a STAR test to determine their independent reading level and reading range before coming to the library to check out a book.  Each quarter, the students retake the test to see if their reading levels have changed.  As the year progresses, the Kindergarten and First Grade students are also given the STAR test.
    Based on the reading level of the individual student, he or she is given a point goal to reach by the end of the year, as well as having it broken down for point goals by quarters. 
    Each grade level creates several incentives for their students to achieve based on the percentage levels.  Some of the classroom incentives are: a pencil, a free homework pass, a canned drink, ice cream, read anywhere in the room or hall and pick a day (Hat Day, Pajama Day, or Soccer Day).  These are several from past school years.
    Each library book that is an Accelerated Reader book is marked with a color code on the spine to help the students find a book on their reading level.  The exact reading levels and point values are listed on the front of the book.