• Math  Curriculum 
    4.MD.4 Represent and interpret data using whole numbers.

    4.NBT.4 Add and subtract multi-digit whole numbers up to 100,000.

    4.OA.1 Interpret a multiplication equation as a comparison.

    4.OA.4 Find all factors for whole numbers up to and including 50.

    4.MD.3 Perimeter and area

    4.OA.3 Solve two-step problems

    ELA Curriculum

    Unit 1: Focus on details, theme and story elements: Setting, Event, Character, Inferencing
     4.RL.1. Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.

    4.RL.4. Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including words that affect meaning and tone.
    4.RL.3. Describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text (e.g., a character’s thoughts, words, or actions).   


    Science Curriculum

    4.L.2.1 Classify substances as food or non-food items based on abiity to provide energy and materials for growth, survival, and repair of the body.

    4.L.2.2 Explain the role of vitamins and minerals, & exercise in maintaining a healthy body.