• Behavior Policy- SOAR: Safe, Outstanding, Accountable, Respectful
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    My classroom behavior system focuses more on the positives of student behavior. I use an online point system called Classroom Dojo as well as colored cards to monitor student behavior. A letter and registration information will be sent home during the first week of school. You will have access to view your child’s progress as well as communicate with me through Classroom Dojo.

    • Students will lose point(s) for breaking any of the classroom rules.
    • If completing assignments becomes a problem, students may be asked to take their work home. to lunch, and possibly lose point(s).
    • Rules will be discussed on the first day of school and students will take part in designing posters explaining our rules. 
    • Students will get rewards at the end of each quarter as well as through using their Dojo Dollars earned. 
    • If there is a severe behavior issue, a phone call or visit to the principal could be necessary.
    • All students are expected to SOAR (be Safe, Outstanding, Accountable, and Respectful). 

    Items Not Allowed at School

    Toys, fidget spinners, trading cards, games, cd players, any gaming device, beeping watches where the alarm will not turn off, heelies (shoes with wheels), MP3 players, DVD players, cell phones, IPODS, etc., are not allowed at school (including the bus). If these items are found, they will be confiscated, given to the principal, and a parent will have to come to school to pick them up. This is for the safety of your child.


    Class Hawks:
    As a class, we will be earning “Classroom Hawks.” Students can earn these by displaying SOARING behavior around the school. The whole class has to be SOARING to earn this recognition. Once the class earns the “hawk,” it will be displayed on a poster outside of our classroom. Students will be rewarded for every 10 hawks they earn. If you would like to donate items to the treasure chest (unused toys, school supplies, etc.) please let me know. Items would be greatly appreciated!