• Homework Policies and Procedures
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    • Teacher Responsibilities- I will give students enough time to write down their assignments in their student planners. I will assign as needed, provide clear instructions for how to complete the assignment, and check to be sure that homework is completed properly the following day. I expect it to take most students 30-45 minutes to complete the homework if they are working steadily. This time includes 30 minutes of AR reading. 
    • Student Responsibilities- The students will bring their planners to and from school each day. They will write down the homework correctly. The entire assignment will be completed neatly and turned in on time. All homework is to be completed by the students. If students do not do homework assigned or leave it at home, a card will be turned. Part of our classroom rules include being responsible and prepared which includes completing and turning in homework on time.
    • Parent Responsibilities- The parents should check the planner each night and make sure the homework is complete and neatly done. If there are family emergencies that prevented your child from completing homework, then please write a note. Please put the responsibility for turning in homework on your child. You will not be asked or expected to bring in homework to school if it is left at home, even if you feel it is your fault. Students will not be allowed to call home for forgotten homework.
    • If an assignment is incomplete or not turned in, a note will be made in the student planner so that you will be informed. If homework is not completed, students will lose a card as mentioned above. Incomplete or forgotten homework should be turned in the next day.

    Nightly Homework Expectations: 

    • Read for at least 30 minutes
    • Study spelling and vocabulary for the week (tests on Fridays) and complete spelling homework
    • Study multiplication/division facts for at least 10 minutes
    • Study L to J vocabulary (weekly quiz)
    • Clean out H.A.W.K Binder (show parents notes/planner, graded work)