My homework is checked daily. Most homework is classwork that has not been completed. Sometimes I may give a child additional homework if it is deemed that they need extra practice on a required skill.  Class work must be made up as this is a performance based grade.  If your child is absent, they will be given additional class time to complete the assignment.  They will receive 3 days to make up the classwork assignment per day missed.

    Our school system has in place an 80% = satisfactory system.  If a student knows 80% of taught material they have learned those skills.
    Thus, 80% or higher means a child is at or above grade level. Below 80%, a child is working below grade level on that skill.

    When conferencing or marking report cards I will use this reference. 
    A grade of N= below 80% on those skills
                      S= between 80% and 100% on taught skills