• What does a school Counselor do?
    • Organizes the school counseling program
    • Provides individual and group counseling
    • Provides classroom guidance
    • Helps identifies the needs of our students
    • Encourages better inter-personal relationships
    • Promotes positive attitudes and choices
    • Assists teachers and parents in helping students
    • Coordinates efforts with other school programs
    • Coordinates referrals to community agencies
    • Facilitates discussion groups
    Who seeks help from the school counselor?
    • I'm new here and I can't seem to make friends
    • I don't have a problem - I just wanted to tell
    • you that my dog died
    • I just need to talk to someone who has time to listen
    • I'm worried because my parents are getting a divorce


    • I need help - some of my students aren't getting along
    • John is very restless in my classroom
    • Jen recently had a death in her family
    • Something seems to be bothering Ted 


    • Sam has difficulty adjusting to our recent move
    • I think my child needs some special help
    • Shawn has difficulty going to sleep at night
    • and often has nightmares
    What is the purpose of individual counseling, group meetings and classroom guidance?
    • To help students develop self-understanding and self-awareness
    • To build self-confidence and self-esteem
    • To encourage students to recognize and make good choices
    • To provide opportunities for students to feel successful
    • To give students an opportunity to discuss their concerns
    • To encourage students to respect themselves and others
    • To help students learn to solve conflicts peacefully
    • To help students better adjust to school
    • To teach students the decision making & problem solving process