1.  Sign/Initial that your child has read 30 minutes.
    2.  Check and address if your child has lost a star that day.
    3.  Your child has math homework every night.  If they do not have a completed sheet to show you or a note that we do not have homework, then there may be a problem. 

    Each Weekend:
       Check your child's L to J score from Friday and see if they are to write any definitions 5 times each.  Students ONLY write a definition if we have tested on that unit already or we have had that word several times and in previous grades. Typically, it will be at the most 3 terms.  L to J definitions were given out on Open House and they are linked on my Science Page. 
    Other Points of interest for review... 
    Homework Policy:


     Math homework will be given each night.  Many times your child may be given the work and will finish it before he/she goes home.   We go over the homework daily at the start of each class.  Math homework may be checked and graded by myself or by your child, but it is never for a grade.  I do keep track of your child's homework participation on a chart and they get an extra 100 on their progress report for homework participation. After 10 days of homework, I consult my chart.  Whoever has had all assignments all days gets a treat and math game time.  If they have forgotten one time, just game time.  If they have forgotten more than once in ten days, they will do an alternative assignment to make up for missed work. 
    Spelling/Vocab:  We are following a new program with more emphasis on vocabulary and writing.  Each week your child will be given 10 words to know several definitions for and know how to spell the word.  We will work on activities each day and there may be an assignment on Wed or Thursday night to help review before Friday's test.