60 Math Expo Ideas
    (credit to teacher at Lake Norman Elementary)
    1. quilting
    2. sports
    3. inventions
     4. sundials
    5. topology
    6. ancient number systems
    7. careers
    8. geometric shapes and architecture
    9. difference between meal prices (calories) at fast food
    10. restaurants
    11. grocery store price comparisons
    12. bowling
    13. build the Bridge to Terabithia
    14. build models of objects from other novels
    15. furnish a home with newspaper ads
    16. growth of South Iredell County
    17. Lake Norman (dropping in winter, rains in summer, etc.)
    18. racing (building of cars, weights, height, etc.)
    19. heart rates
    20. cheaper to own cat vs. dog? hamster vs. fish?
    21. pay comparisons (doctor/teacher, engineer/president, etc.)
    22. your school needs (new gym, cafeteria, classrooms)
    23. models
    24. ocean tides and the moon
    25. space
    26. dance
    27. comparing foods (cereals, yogurts, snacks, etc.)
    28. research a famous mathematician
    29. pool table problems
    30. study regular solids and their properties
    31. make a family of polyhedra
    32. What is Morley's triangle?
    33. Investigate compass and straight edge constructions
    34. cycloid curve
    35. what is a hexaflexagon?
    36. kaleidoscopes
    37. tangrams
    38. game theory
    39. study games and winning strategies
    40. the the "Monty Hall" effect
    41. investigate card and magic tricks
    42. probability
    43. positions of fire stations, police stations, etc.
    44. how the NBA or Panthers or other team make schedules for games, hotels, practices, flight, etc.
    45. investigate "big" numbers
    46. computer bar codes
    47. Fibonacci numbers
    48. What is the Golden mean?
    49. Catalan numbers
    50. triangular numbers
    51. history of pi
    52. egyptian fractions
    53. methods of counting and calcuating using your fingers and hands
    54. mathematics of elections
    55. how random is random?
    56. stock market
    57. crystallography
    58. math in music
    59. build a model of a house
    60. how much would it cost for college?