• Our class worked on a STEM Problem Based Learning activity on Early Release Day.  We talked about the recent flooding caused by Hurricane Florence and students worked in groups creating a flood barrier for a house.  They had a $30 budget and had to Plan, Design, and Create their barriers.  The groups worked together and we tested them outside to see which barriers held up against a flood of water.  

  • During math class, students worked in groups on two-step word problems.

    Our class celebrated our 1st  Nine weeks AR Accomplishments.  The class had 90% of our students reach all 3 of their AR goals; Points, 85% Test Average, and Book Level.  Our class earned 359.8 AR points, we had a class average of 88.6 % pass rate, our class average book level was 3.1, and the students read a total of 1,033,000 words. Our Top Point Earners were Daniel M. 41.7 pts. and Jordan H. 27.8 points.  We had two students who finished with percentages at or above 95% on all their tests; Daniel H. (95.5%) and Breydon A. (95.0%).

    We celebrated our 3rd quarter AR goals with a party!  Please keep up the great reading for 2nd Nine weeks!!

    While learning about the skeletal system in science we studied the major bones in the skeletal system.  Congratulations to the students who made a 100% on their bones test and to those who made an A on their bones test.  

  • Our class went on a field trip to Rock Creek Dairy to learn about dairy farming from Dr. Ben Shelton.  We learned about how many cows were on the farm, how much milk they give, and how they care for the animals on his farm.  We did a STEM Problem Based Learning on how to protect the waste lagoon from flooding.  Dr.Shelton gave all the children cookies and milk and a small book about dairy farming at the end of the trip.

  • Our class has been studying the skeletal system in science.  We started our experiment with bones.  Each group put 3 bones in a jar soaking it in either water, vinegar, or Pepsi.  After Thanksgiving, we took our bones outside to see what happened and compare them to our hypothesis.  

    Our class enjoyed a beautiful fall afternoon out on the playground the day before Thanksgiving break.

    While working on Rounding numbers in math, we divided in teams and played a rounding card game to the nearest ten and hundred.