• Battle of the Books 2018-2019  

    Thank you trying out for the 2018-2019 Battle of the Books team!  We had 18 students try out for the team this year.  The district allows us to select 12 students to compete in the district competition in the spring.  The 12 students selected to be on the competitive team were the 12 students with the highest score on the EBOB try out test.  The test had 2 sections:  author/title match and book questions.  The author title match questions were worth one point each.  The book questions were worth 2 points each.  There were 45 possible points to earn on the test. If you would like to know how many points you scored on the test please email me.    

    If you didn't make the team but would still like to read the books and practice with us you are more than welcome to join us for Monday practices! 

    2018-2019 EBOB Team

    First Practice:  Monday, September 24th 

    Practices will be held every Monday from 2:20-3:30.  If school is closed due to a holiday or inclement weather, an alternate practice day will be planned.  In the spring, additional practices may be held to prepare for competition. 

    Book List