• Mrs. Brown’s Homework Policy


    Homework will be assigned nightly; it will account for 10% of your total grade for my class.  This is a participation grade, meaning if your homework is complete you get full credit.  Late homework will be accepted up to 3 days after the due date for reduced credit. Homework should hopefully take no more than 20 minutes a night.   

    Vocabulary homework is assigned every night; I will check for completion at the beginning of class each day. We will, as a class, go over the homework and answer any questions.  The complete schedule for vocabulary is listed on my homepage, under the “For Parents” tab.  Vocabulary runs on a 2-week cycle with vocabulary tests every 2 weeks on Fridays. You may choose to work ahead as needed due to sports, family obligations or other homework.

    You may have a grammar worksheet to complete during the week.

    Tuesday nights you will have to complete a reading comprehension worksheet.  This is part of our Ready lesson and you will be given time in class to start it, but unfinished work will need to be completed at home. This will be checked for completion on Wednesday and we will as a class go over these assignments in depth.  It is really important for you to complete these for Wednesday's class. 

    If you are absent, you have 5 days to turn in missed work for full credit.  It is your responsibility to ask for it and to turn it in. 

    Writing papers will take place in the classroom as much as possible, but these will also have to be worked on at home. 

    From time to time, some classes may have a novel that needs to be read outside of class.


    If your child has Remediation Knight Time or Credit Recovery, they will be given time and any help required to complete all homework and papers.