• What volunteer opportunities are available – inside and out of the classroom?


    People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons.  Often it is to see your children/grandchildren in the school atmosphere.  Maybe you volunteer to get to know the teacher and school better.  Here at WHE we hope your volunteering will provide you with a stronger understanding of our school, our culture and help you make new and lasting friendships.  Without volunteers, we cannot succeed in providing all the events and fundraising needed to provide resources to our school.

    In the classrooms:

    Each teacher, at his or her discretion, will decide where volunteering fits into their curriculum and classroom.  At WHE, we honor the uniqueness of each teacher and recognize that depending on teaching style and the dynamic of the class, they may or may not solicit parent/guardian help in the classroom.  Teachers will communicate their plan to parents/guardians either through their weekly update emails or through class parents/guardians.

    Enrichment teachers, too, may wish to have support in the classrooms. 

    School events: 

    The PTO offers 3 main fundraising events each year to help bridge the financial gap between state funding and school needs. Additionally, social events are held to enhance the “family friendly” environment and any associated profits from those events go directly to the school.    

    Because of these events we NEED volunteers regularly.  We like to say, “Many hands make light work”.  Below is a list of OPEN committee and PTO positions available.  Additionally, we welcome support on an event by event basis for parents/guardians who may have limited time.   Please contact Piper Olsen at woodlandheightspto@gmail.com if any of these roles appeal to you.  Additionally, contact us if you would like to be on a list for support work as it is needed. 


    Open positions are listed on Konstella.