• How will I be communicated to as a parent/guardian here at WHE? 

    There are three primary forms of communication you will receive.


    1. Communication from the Principal: Spenner, our Principal, uses ConnectEd.  This form of communication is required by the district.  You will receive a weekly telephone call that includes school wide information for the week.  This is followed up with an email that has the same information as well needed links and attachments.  Important PTO information is often added into this communication as well.
    2. Communication from the PTO: The PTO uses an application called Konstella. This is available through an app on your smart phone or on your computer.  We encourage all parents to register on Konstella to ensure they receive all PTO communications, have access to a school directory, can look up meeting minutes, etc.    Click Here for Konstella and use Invitation code 5EEbnO for an administrator to approve your participation in our school communications.

      The PTO also has a shelf in the main office of WHE that houses a binder of our minutes, budget, bylaws and more.  Take a look when you are in the office.  


    Communication from Teachers:  Each classroom and teacher is unique, so WHE encourages the teachers to communicate specific classroom information and needed reminders directly to parents through email.  Room parents may tag onto the teacher emails for class specific material or use Konstella.