• How are schools funded in North Carolina by our taxes?


    Low taxes in North Carolina is one of the driving forces as to why people relocate here.  Unfortunately, the lower tax rates mean less money is allocated to our schools.  In fact, as of June 2018, Iredell-Statesville School District is the 2nd lowest funded school district in NC (114 out of 115 districts) with a per pupil funding rate of $5,417.79. 

    Despite the low state funding we receive, WHE has earned an A+ rating.  This is due to our excellent teachers, committed Administration, engaged parents/guardians, and the support and fund raising of our PTO.  Historically, our parents/guardians have been very generous in participating in our fund raising events so that we can have the financial resources we need to keep WHE in the top schools in NC.


    Per Pupil Spending