• On February 27, our class did their Early Release STEM activity.  The problem was that they had to create a basketball tower at least 12 inches in height that would hold a basketball for 20 seconds using only newspaper and masking tape.  The students did some research on building structures and planned their ideas.  Once their plans were completed they began building their tower.  The students made modifications on their designs as they began building, and some even had time to decorate their tower.  When all groups were completed, we stood together and counted off the 20 seconds.  We had 3 out of 4 groups successfully build the towers.  Students had a good time working together on this STEM project for the day.  

  • Thank you Abigail B. for coming to our class and helping our students create slime using glue, contact solution, baking soda, food coloring, and shaving cream.  The students really had a great time making this in class.

    Our class celebrated our 3rd Nine weeks AR Accomplishments.  The class had 85% of our students reach all 3 of their AR goals; Points, 85% Test Average, and Book Level.  Our class earned 463.0 AR points, we had a class average of 90.2 % pass rate, our class average book level was 3.9, and the students read a total of 1,908,399 words. Our Top Point Earners were Nicholas 54.3 pts. and Jennifer 42.2 pts.  We had three students who finished with percentages above 95% on all their tests; Jennifer (96.7%), Miguel (96.4%), and Mickayla (95.7%).

    We celebrated our 3rd quarter AR goals with a party!  Please keep up the great reading for the 4th Nine weeks!!

    While learning about measurement, students took part in a special Apple Classroom teaching session. The students measured objects around the classroom and used their Ipads to take pictures of their measurements, some students even has a chance to use the Measure App to see how close their mearurements actually lined up.  

  • On Tuesday, April 16, our class traveled to the Hickory Science Center.  The students enjoyed getting to explore the different areas of the science center.  We also visited the Millholland Planetarium to participate in the Sky Searchers program.  Students learned more about shadows, the solar system, constellations, and were treated to a laser light show at the end.  We had a great day to sit outside and eat lunch.  Thanks to our wonderful parents who joined us on our trip.