• Units that are taught:


    Fitnessgram - tests each student in muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.

    The test used are the push-up, curl-up, pacer, trunk lift and sit-n-reach tests.

    Each student after their pre-test will set goals for themselves to accomplish by the post-test.


    1st 9 weeks and 4th 9 weeks- Fitnessgram Pre and Post Test

    2nd and 3rd 9 weeks- Personal best days


    Each unit is taught skills, team building and leading to actual game play.


    1st 9 weeks





    Team building games


    2nd 9 weeks



    Dance- Students will learn various dances from different generations of music.  Students are then required to create and perform a dance within groups.

    Stations involving various games and activities.


    3rd 9 weeks


    Basketball (Hoops for Heart Fund Raiser)

    Kickball and whiffleball


    4th 9 weeks


    Softball/Baseball Unit

    Disc Golf

    Field Day Events (track, tug-of-war, relays etc.)