• How are quality points for IB courses totaled?
    MYP class are not technically considered IB courses since they cover the state curriculum, but are taught using the IB philosophy of learning (International approach, Unit Planners, Project based learning etc...) They are very similar to other honors classes. So the MYP honors classes receive .5 quality point just like any other honors level class and MYP classes that are not honors level do not receive any quality points.
    It is only IB DP, AP, and CCP classes that receive 1 quality point.
    IB DP classes are the only courses that IB writes the curriculum for. 
    How can non-IB students at South have a comparable rank with students in the IB program? 
    Students at South who are in the 9th and 10th grade, have equal opportunities to take classes with the same quality points by the time they graduate despite what program of study they are in.
    The students in the 11th and 12th grade are not ranked against each other since we were approved to phase in the new ranking requirements. For families who are interested in trying to make sure that their students earn the same number of quality points as those who participate in the IB DP program, our counselors can help them make a 4 year instructional plan.
    The real concern now is not quality points because with the introduction of the 10 point grading scale, there is not enough variation in grades for quality points to significantly separate students from each other like there was with the 7 point grading scale. We are seeing numerous students tied for the same rank which is why we moved away from recognizing a valedictorian and moved to the sum laude system as a district.
    With the number of AP, IB CP, IB DP, and CCP offerings at South students have so much to choose from and can also tailor their choices to a possible future career. We have made all of our programs more accessible to any student despite whether they started in the IB program in middle school or not and colleges are telling us that with the 10 point grading scale, they are having to look more at "what" students have taken instead of focusing on their ranking and GPA.
Last Modified on March 31, 2017