• FAQs

    Q: Who are the instructors for WHA classes?

    A: Instructors are from local businesses, WHES parents, and local community members who choose to share their expertise, talents and passions with our students. Each instructor does have to complete a background check in order to be part of Woodland Heights Academy. WHES teachers are ineligible to teach in the WHA program.

    Q: How are courses selected?

    A: Courses are offered based on instructor availability and student interest. We are always open to new ideas – either a reference for a particular instructor or an idea for a course that we can then try to fill!

    Q: Who sets the curriculum for each course?

    A: Each instructor has full autonomy to select their own curriculum – course description, content, cost, and duration of course. Woodland Heights Academy acts as a liaison to allow the instructors to share their skills with our students.

    Q: When and how is payment made?

    A: Payment is due on the first day of class and is payable directly to the instructor. Your instructor will email you detailed payment instructions in advance of the first class.

    Q: What is the WHA withdrawal policy?

    A: Once the withdrawal period ends (with the actual date varying session to session, but it is always prior to the start of classes), parents are expected to pay the entire course amount, regardless of the reason for or timing of their child’s withdrawal. Please understand that once an instructor receives enrollment numbers before classes start, they make supply and staffing decisions based on those numbers.

    Q: How do I withdraw from a class before the end of the withdrawal period?

    A: Email the Program Coordinator at woodlandheightsacademy@gmail.com and request withdrawal. Be sure to provide your child’s name and from which WHA class you are withdrawing them.

    Q: What happens if a class does not meet the minimum number of students?

    A: Unfortunately, if a class does not meet its minimum enrollment, the class will be cancelled. This decision will be reached before classes begin, so no payment will have been made.

    Q: What happens if a class exceeds the maximum number of students?

    A: This is handled on a class-by-class basis with cooperation from the affected instructor and the WHA Coordinators. If the entire number of registered students cannot be accommodated, the classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis; each registration is time-stamped. You will be notified if you are on a waitlist and/or if your child has not been enrolled in the class by the Friday of the week in which registration ended.

    If you have additional questions that are not answered here or if you are interested in learning more about WHA or offering a course, please contact the Program Administrator at woodlandheightsacademy@gmail.com.